Place du Soleil, daring, colourful and small editions.  Place du Soleil is an Amsterdam label, produced by the owner duo Andrea and Eelco Faber.

The brand capsulates Summer and produces one Spring/Summer collection each year. Place Du Soliel was born from the idea of innovation and new creation, owners say “When presenting our new collections at the fair and through agents, we felt an increasing hesitation among the retailers: a new brand, original and innovative, in these stormy times many retailers are focusing on keeping their bestsellers.

There is often hesitation and little budget to order new brands and to commit for longer periods. Buyers do not always have their eyes wide open to newcomers. Originality and daring therefore do not always get a fair chance. There is a flattening out and the boldness of the collections is lost. Something had to be done about that! ” Bold collections, original, colourful and limited editions: that is Place du Soleil.

The entire development process of the collections is in the hands of Andrea and Eelco. From design and sample execution to production control and development in the workshops. “During our many travels in recent years, we have found beautiful workshops and factories worldwide where our collections are produced in small quantities and with love for the product. There is also the strength: small scale, passion and short lines. In the collections, influences from the journeys we make together are clearly present: in embroidery, in straps, in a print. It is so beautiful to see how all those different specific needlework come together in a fashionable collection. ”