In 2013 Local Supply launched with a vision to create the best quality and best value eyewear for everyone, everywhere. In 2020 we’re democratising sustainable fashion. We work with best-in-class designers, manufacturers and materials to supply luxury-grade, plant-based eyewear at an accessible price.

01_DIVERSITY | Celebrating diversity and inclusivity has always been and always will be core to our brand purpose. We are for locals everywhere, always.

02_SUSTAINABILITY | We minimise the environmental impact of our products throughout their full lifecycle - from selecting plant-based source materials, using zero-waste manufacturing to offering a recycling program for end-of-life.

03_DESIGN | Our products aren’t fashion. Not transient nor elitist. Our products are supplies. Essentials to help maximise your well-being and enhance your everyday.

04_AFFORDABILITY | We believe everyone deserves to have nice things, and they shouldn’t cost the earth. We minimise waste and unnecessary costs in order to supply exceptional products at less than half the price of our competitors.

05_COMMUNITY | We’ve partnered with local charities to donate 1 meal for every frame sold online to local indigenous and asylum seeker communities throughout inner-city Sydney.