We are all about colour, fun,and living by the mantra“Big Love. Big Life.”

Boom Shankar is all about spreading the message;
The more we love, the bigger our life.

Everything we do at boom is about connecting with people.
Connecting through fashion, connecting through our charity initiatives,
and connecting with everyone we meet in this big, beautiful world of ours.

Dui Cameron is the designer and driving force behind Boom Shankar.
The brand story is closely entwined with her own.
From humble beginnings, Boom Shankar was built from a love of colour,
dressing to make you happy, and the teamwork of a whole lot of
special people along the way.
In our case, it truly does take a village, as what we do wouldn’t be
possible without our incredibly talented makers and craftspeople in India,
and our design, retail, customer service and marketing team in Australia, and,
most importantly, our beautiful customers… that’s YOU!
And boy oh boy, do we love you!